Guest Induction

This adds your guest to your CRM system.

Guest Induction

This adds your guest to your CRM system.


Within 24 hours (or the next business day if they sign up on a weekend or recognized holiday), can you please enter the data for each new Wyant Cybersecurity Brief Guest?

Be sure to:

  • Enter their first name, last name, and e-mail address as it is stated on the Timezest confirmation

  • Copy-paste both lines of the date and time of their interview, in THEIR time zone (not Tom’s), into the relevant field to the right – it’s listed on the Timezest receipt as “Customer time”

  • Paste their Zoom login link in the relevant field to the right

Completing this form will generate an e-mail to the guest, in Tom’s name, from with the data automatically populated, and will add them to the appropriate list in Tom’s CRM.

Furthermore, it will send a receipt to confirming the entry is complete.

Once you submit the form, it will process the data and then return you to this page so you can add another guest – be careful to change any data in case the browser “remembers” field content.

Note: the e-mail that goes to the guest indicates the guest will receive a manual follow-up, 1-2 days before the interview, so can you please continue the manual followups?


optin form goes here and should have the following fields and values: • Enter Guest's First Name • Enter Guest's Last Name • Enter Guest's E-Mail Address • Enter Guest's Interview Date/Time in THEIR Time Zone • Enter Link for Guest's Interview • BUTTON: Submit and Add Another Guest