IT Policies tell your employees what is expected of them when it comes to your network, your equipment, and what is expected and acceptable procedure and behavior.

We think of policies like: whether you can bring your own device to work, where you can access the company network from, storage and equipment destruction policies, and more.

But what about the relationship between your cybersecurity and your finance policy?

One company lost $280,000 because there was no written policy explaining how to verify requests to change account numbers.

Another company has their soft phones hacked becquse an engineer left their personal laptop open to company software.

In this episode, Tom Wyant shares these stories and outlines steps these companies – and yours – should take to protect your time and money, not to mention the amount of money your time costs.

Cybersecurity is a smart investment that helps you gain more enjoyment and fulfillment in your business and life, so let’s join forces to change the conversation and change the world for the better!

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