Almost all e-mail providers come with some sort of spam filtering, and while it’s usually halfway decent at telling the difference, yes it can be annoying when it send legitimate e-mail to spam.

But have you considered that you might WANT your legitimate e-mail to go to spam?

Microsoft 365 is a very reliable platform that rarely goes down, but like any cloud-based or remote service, there are occasional glitches, network issues, downtimes, and the like.

With a third-party spam filter, you’ll still be able to retrieve that urgent e-mail you’ve been waiting for even while your e-mail itself is down.

In this episode, Tom Wyant reveals how this works and why this could be the “aha moment” that spares you a lot of grief and silly office-politics nonsense – not to mention adding extra layers of cybersecurity, of course.

We told you cybersecurity could be fun, and what’s more enjoyable than avoiding the stress of missing out because your e-mail is down?

Cybersecurity is a smart investment that helps you gain more enjoyment and fulfillment in your business and life, so let’s join forces to change the conversation and change the world for the better!

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