Here at the Wyant Cybersecurity Brief, our mission is to take cybersecurity – which many people dread as an expense, a chore, or just an annoyance – and makes it easy and fun (yes, fun) for everyone.

You can do this through how you design your Security Awareness Training.

Basically, this involves teaching our users how to recognize and avoid phishing scams, occasionally testing them to see if they fall for it, and testing them weekly to see where they are on their skills.

In this episode, Tom Wyant reveals how his process for Security Awareness Training involves tapping into a very common human emotion that can excite your users and make them look forward to their weekly quizzes – you have to check this out!

Cybersecurity is a smart investment that helps you gain more enjoyment and fulfillment in your business and life, so let’s join forces to change the conversation and change the world for the better!

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